Su Doku Assist V1.02



Price:   Nil         USD 10.00                             


For Students:  Nil   USD  3.33

Batch Files

A comprehensive application to assist the user with the puzzle craze sweeping the world.  Su Doku Assist V1.02 has the following features -

Three 'Visual Aids' are provided -

Experimental Run -

The user may experiment with a certain 'line of thought' while retaining the current state in a store.  This is done by invoking the 'Start an experimental run' feature.  If the entries are correct, the user can confirm the run or if not, reject it and start over from the last correct state.

The status bar shows the time taken for solving or creating.  It also provides feedback such as error messages or reasons for the 'Assist Solve' process.

 Batch of Puzzles Files

Aug05T3         Sep05T3         Oct05T3         Nov05T3         Dec05T3         Jan06T3

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