Su Doku Assist V1.02


Price:      Nil          USD 10.00

For Students:   Nil    USD  3.33

Assist Solve, Visual Aid

The application has a few tools built in to assist the user in solving the puzzles.

The color number feature (CTRL-Left-Button click) will color all occurrences of the selected number.  This gives a quick visual feedback of the placement of the selected number and the possible locations for the same in the blank cells.

Show Possibilities (Tip) will draw a small box in each cell and insert the possible candidates in the cell.  The possibilities will be automatically updated as the user makes entries in any cell in the grid.

Show Possibilities (Panel) draws a panel of numbers at the bottom of the grid and presents to the user a list of possible candidates for the currently selected cell.

The assistance of the computer program can be sought for solving the puzzle.  The user can do so in three power steps.  The power level required to solve the puzzle completely will depend on the puzzle's difficulty level. 

Facility is provided to check for a single candidate in any cell and also to check for the next correct logical entry.