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A comprehensive premium document control (reporting tool) application to 'fire' to page (report) any type of data to conform to any template or even to continuous non-template type reports such as in the case of a narrative. "A perfect replacement to the bulky Crystal Reports" or DB reporting tools.

Allows design and run time micro placement of any control and control of all parameters such as fonts and thickness of lines.

The controls include -

1.    Text           2.    Lines       3.    Shapes     4.    Images     5.    Rich Text Boxes      6.    Charts     7.    Multi-media (.mid, .wav, .mpeg, .avi, .mpg, .mp3, .mp2, .au, .aiff, .ivf)

The OCX will be able to accept an input from any application running on the Windows platform.

The main methods or procedures are -

PVF.Add - Adds a new page to the collection of pages
PVF.dimension - Sets the dimensions of the page. Need not be fired, if same as for the previous page
PVF.AddToPage - Adds the string of controls to the page (The string is built by concatenating)
PVF.Show - Makes the reporting application visible.

We bundle-in a free writing tool to generate the string that the ocx needs from templates of the reports created in Visual Basic (saved to .frm and .frx files).  A similar tool can be created quickly by any programmer if their application is coded in some other programming language.  In short, send the ocx a string in English in a format that it 'understands' and get a beautiful report of an degree of complexity at lightning speed.

The ocx exports the reports it generates to .pvf files.  These files are compressed and encrypted.  They can be password protected too.  These tiny .pvf files can be e-mailed to anyone.  The recipients of the .pvf files can view the reports if they have the freeware PVF Reader (about 3.1MB). Sample .pvf file (21.pvf)

Run time features include - find and replace and zooming from 1 to 999%. Texts can be made to blink or scroll.

Samples  Pic1       Pic2        Pic3         Pic4         Pic5         Pic6         Pic7         Pic8       


Promo: Till April 30th, purchase the control at USD 109.00 without the multi-media capability or at USD 209.00 with multi-media playback in the reports.

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