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Clothing - Women's - Sportswear

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  • Fig Leaves

    • - Sports Bras,  Tights
      - View All Hosiery
      - Lingerie,  Wedding Lingerie

  • Sierra Trading Post

    • Women's Shirts & Blouses
      Women's Shorts,  Pants
      Skirts & Dresses,   Jackets, Vests & Coats




  • Step'N'Pump

    •  Accessories, Bra & Crop Top
      Dresses, Flares & Capris
      Jackets & Sweats, Pants & Jog Bottoms
      Shorts & Skirts, Swimwear, Tops, Underwear

  • Be That Body

    • Leggings Running Shorts Running Vests Sleeveless Tops Sleeveless Tops Spinning Shorts Sport T-Shirts Sports Bras Sports Briefs Sports Flares Sports Fleeces Support & Vest Tops Sweatbands Tankinis Tennis Dresses

  • New Running Shoes

    • Adidas Running Shoes Nike Running Top Mizuno Wave Running Windstopper Goallkeeper Gloves Carbrini Adidas Piccolo Crib Carbrini Jackets Nike Air Alvord Iv Rift Shuttles Skirts Yonex Shb Shb Yonex Goalkeeper Hagi Nike Nike Trainers Nike Shox Adidas Trainers Adidas Nike Footwear

  • Sportsshoes

    • Largest sports shoe shop in the world, was established in 1982 by Bruce Bannister. With access to over 20000 trainers and sports shoes in over 4000 different styles, covering a massive range of sports, the store is a shrine for many a sports man and woman

  • USA Pro Sportswear

    • The range of USA Pro sports wear is extensive and designed by women for women. The range is comfortable but also offers the necessary movement for sport and exercise. USA Pro sports wear is worn by many celebrities including Madona, Kylie and Liz Hurley.

  • Shop YOLO

    • YOLO Sportswear specializes in field hockey and women's lacrosse apparel and accessories. We have our own line of aparel, but also carry ames such as Asics, Under Armour, Brine, Warrior, and Badger. YOLO Sportswear is the Presenting Sponsor of the USA Field Hockey Futures Program.

  • Northern Mountain Supply

    • We're all outdoor-type people at Northern Mountain Supply. When it's time for us to head for the mountains, we pack, cook, paddle, dress and climb with the very same equipment we sell in the store.

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Information about this category as posted by submitters

Physical fitness is paramount for good healthy living and sports is an excellent way of achieving this. This necessitates the procurement of quality sportswear, sports innerwear and sports guards which are both comfortable and trendy. Sports shoes are incredibly important and they should always be of a good fit. The insoles should be regularly changed if the soles are still in a good condition. Improper sportswear can cause strains and even accidents.