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Conservation - Fuel - Cars

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What Green Car?

  • The independent guide to green cars in the UK


USA Green Cars

  • Green vehicles for a cleaner America.
    Your source for low & no emission vehicles.




What Car?

  • New ranking system to help car buyers find the most environmentally friendly vehicles.


Eve Cars

  • Ease your conscience with an eco-friendly vehicle



  • The soul of a sportscar
    in everything we do.


Clean Green Cars

  • Provide clear, easily understood advice about choosing and using cars in a more environmentally considerate way


Dept of Energy

  • Find a Car
    Compare Side-by-Side
    Search by Class
    Search by Make
    Search by MPG


SSL - Spirit Save Liquid

  • It's easy to save fuel
    How much money are you giving away?


Auto E Bid

  • We help you to become a greener motorist, we can help you to save a fortune at the same time



  • Empower, engage and educate automotive consumers, enthusiasts and insiders.


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The need of the day is conservation. The earth is threathened by global warming. The ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. Floods are routine and unexpected rainfall of ever increasing intensity and duration is becoming common place. Car makers are spending billions in designing more and more fuel efficient cars and SUVs. The fallout of fuel shortage and high prices is the reduction in demand for energy guzzling vehicles such as SUVs. The USA is a major consumer of fuel for cars and many towns are imposing tolls in the city centers.  This top 40 quality site is about conservation, lpg cars, biodiesel, buy car, truck cars, fuel consumption, ethanol, diesel fuel, injectors, lpg conversion, fuel economy, fuel emissions. The information provided in this site is posted by submitters themselves.