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    • Missed call: the iPhone's hazardous chemicals
      When will promises of a greener Apple bear fruit?

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The craze for the latest gadget is never ending. Among the latest fads, is the iPhone from Apple. Dozens of mobile communications service providers have started taking advance booking for the phone in conjunction with long term commitment plans. As is the case for all other gadgets, the next new thing on the block will soon vie for the world's attention. The iPhone has ample memory to store and play songs that are the reflection of the soul. Google's mobile OS comes in fourth place globally behind Symbian, BlackBerry OS, and iPhone OS. Android's is placed above Microsoft's Windows Mobile. Android and iPhone OS globally increased their market share. Symbian dropped by 4.5%, BlackBerry OS dropped by a modest 1.2%, Windows Mobile dropped by 3.2%, and Linux dropped by 3.3% year over year.