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Shipping - Tankers  - Crude Oil Washing

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  • Dasic Marine

    • Dasic Marine were early pioneers of producing Double Nozzle tank washing machines as opposed to the Single Nozzle approach


    • Remarkable reputation for its specialized products and services among various customers in the marine and industrial fields in general




  • Intertanko Guide

    • The use of crude oil to COW the tanks means that the solvent action of the crude oil makes the process far more environmentally friendly than when water is used

  • IMO - Crude Oil Washing

    • A system whereby oil tanks on a tanker are cleaned out between voyages not with water, but with crude oil - the cargo itself


    • Taiho industries has developed a completely new system for cleaning sludges from the interior of these large oil tanks. The Taiho COW, offers great savings in safety, time and manpower

  • Victor Pyrate

    • The VP Magna tank washing machine for fixed installation in, crude oil, product and chemical tankers

  • DnV

    • Standards For Certification

  • Adam Ship Repairs

    • Crude oil Wash / Butterworth testing Facility  
      Facility includes Tower Tank with high pressure water delivery pump.
      Portable Cow Machine testing
      Deck mounted cow machine testing 

  • Scanjet

    • The world's leading producer of tank cleaning equipment.
      We match any marine or industrial demand for a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly installation.

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For sake of safety and maximizing profits, tankers perform crude oil washing of tanks. Crude oil washing (COW) has to be performed under the supervision of certified officers and ratings have to be trained accordingly. The oxygen content in the tanks are typically maintained below 5% during COW operations. Regulations according to MARPOL are followed for the minimum level of washing during discharge. Generally, COW is done concurrently with discharge. Fire due to Static is a major hazard during COW operations and there have been many accidents. Seafarers need legal assistance for incidents on board ships that have occurred for reasons beyond their control. With a shortage of trained staff, live video calls to family members goes a long way in enhancing the performance and hence the safety and turnover of the companies. Safety is paramount, particularly in circumstances where help from outside parties can be delayed or non-existent. Vast amounts of data need to be transferred on most kinds of ships particularly those involved in research and the costs are falling each day. Gone are the days of radio communication and with it radio silence. The order of the day is real-time information. It is important to know the causes of the fire and the available and effective methods to fight it. The safety and survival of the fire fighters is equally important as the safety and survival of the potential victims.