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  • Specter Specter Evans & Manogue, P.C.

    • The Attorney General's lawsuit names only certain brokers and is for New York residents only. However, our firm represents insurance fraud victims all over the country as these illegal practices pervade the insurance brokerage industry nationwide.

  • McColl & McColloch

    • A lawyer, as an officer of the courts in the Judicial branch of government, has the unique opportunity, as Abraham Lincoln said, "to keep the balance true between the government and the individual." This is how we see our legal duty on behalf of our clients at McColl & McColloch.




  • Charles Boyk Law Offices, LLC

    • Focusing on the plight of the victims, there has also been coverage on the behavior of the insurance companies. The stories have been almost uniformly negative, and have been so for good reason. The actions of many of these insurance companies were reprehensible.

  • The Nation Law Firm

    • The Nation Law Firm has won verdicts or settlements against some of the largest insurance companies in the U.S.

  • Matt Hellman PA

    •  The majority of our practice is insurance defense. We give coverage opinions and we have extensive experience in trying insurance defense cases. Our goal is the maximum benefit for each client.

  • United States Adjusters

    • We will help you through this difficult and stressful time.
      When disaster strikes USA is here to help. With over 100+ years of combined experience adjusting Hurricane claims. Our public adjusters will work for you to maximize your recovery.
      It is good to have professional help on your side.

  • Doyle & Raizner, LLP.

    • At Doyle Raizner LLP, our team of trial lawyers is committed to representing working people in catastrophic injury cases. Email or call our Texas law offices today. Our practice is focused on select cases in the areas of

      • Insurance bad faith
  • Payer Law Group

    • Insurance companies and employers have attorneys looking out for their interests; the attorneys at the Payer Law Group are here to look out for the interest of you, the injury victim and your family.

  • Compensation & Insurance Litigation Lawyers

    • Stacks/Goudkamp put broken lives back together by ensuring our clients receive the compensation they are entitled to, and allowing for our clients to focus on their recovery.

      • What to expect from insurance companies

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Storms and hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes, can create massive and sometimes catastrophic destruction and at other times only a minor damage. When this happens particularly with minor damages, it can open the door to complicated ambiguities with insurance coverage during the adjustment process. Regardless of the type of damage that you have experienced in your home of commercial property licensed public adjusters can help you collect more money on your insurance claim. Even if your insurance claim has been denied by the insurance company most lawyers can help you reopen a claim with your insurance company. If your insurance company settled your claim and sent you a check which did not completelly cover your damages you have a legal right to receive consultation to see if your claim can be reopened in order to receive a fair settlement for your property damage claim. Even the food lost in your refrigerator can be compensated for.