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  • Maritime New Zealand

    • Masters/Skippers/Employers/Principals Covering The Reporting Of Accidents, Incidents And Serious Harm Injuries

  • Expert Witness

    • Maritime consultant and experienced marine surveyor who has worked for major ship owners, oil companies, shippers and their underwriters since 1982




  • Sullivan & Company

    • Boating, Cruise Ship, Vessel Accidents, Injuries and Arrests anywhere in Florida. The firm is an AV-rated, Florida-based law firm which concentrates in trial litigation in the field of admiralty, cruise line and maritime law

  • Latti & Anderson

    • Representing Seamen & Fishermen
      Throughout the United States
      for More Than 45 Years

  • DFT Gov UK

    • Injuries on Tanker/Combination Carriers reported to MAIB where injury was Chemical Poisoning - or Asphyxiation due to Lack of Oxygen in Enclosed Space

  • Maritime Injury Lawyers

    • Helps you find Maritime lawyers worldwide. All of our Lawyers provide free consultation and work on a contingency basis

  • Agnew Brusavich

    • Experience, integrity, outstanding reputation in the legal community, and a history of successful results: these qualities are a good starting point for review when considering your choice of attorney.

  • The Krist Law Firm P.C.

    • A unique set of laws may apply to an accident simply because it occurred in or over the water. For this reason, when you have been involved in an injury at sea, including boat, oil rig and aviation accidents, it is important to contact a lawyer that knows this specialized legal area

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Many people need maritime legal expertise unaware of need. Boaters know that the marine environment is different than the environment on land. The same is true when a casualty or loss is suffered on or near the water and you need legal assistance. Just as work recreation in marine environment requires specialized knowledge, the legal landscape is different for an attorney handling a maritime case. You simply cannot afford to retain an attorney who is not familiar with the field.   Maritime or marine law involves complicated, unique laws that the average land-based or automobile accident lawyer is neither familiar with nor encounters on a regular basis. This lack familiarity experience with boating and marine law could prejudice the way your problems are handled. Maritime Legal Resources is experienced and trained in boating and marine law to properly handle your legal needs. This site is about litigation solicitors, employment law solicitors, immigration solicitors. This top 40 quality site is about hong kong solicitors, solicitors lawyers, solicitors barristers. This site is for people or organsations who provide a service or product for england solicitors, solicitors firm. Quality site is about solicitors firms, uk solicitors, some of the services providers have a solicitors no win no fee policy. The information provided in this site is posted by submitters themselves.