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  • Whipper-Clipper

    • Lawn care professionals and finicky homeowners alike know that there is no substitute for the clean, manicured look a true lawn edger gives your landscape, and the Whipper-Clipper is the finest lawn edger on the market.
      We match any marine or industrial demand for a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly installation.

  • Countax

    • Specifications and features that set it apart as both a fine lawnmower and a powerful rough cutter. There is a wide range of models and cutter deck options to choose from.




  • Lawn-Boy

    • Walk Behind Mowers
      Zero Turn Mowers
      Buyer's Guide
      Easy Choice Mower Selector
      Parts, Oil & Accessories

  • Bamabots

    • Robomower is the best selling automatic lawn mower. Robomower is equivalent to a 5.5 hp traditional gas powered mower. Robomower has 360 degree bumper sensors and a front lift sensor for maximum safety protection.

  • Health Canada

    • Health Canada recommends that lawn mowers that are sold, advertised and imported in Canada conform to the voluntary safety requirements specified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B71.1-2003, American National Standard for Consumer Turf Care Equipment-Walk Behind Mowers and Ride-On Machines with Mowers-Safety Specifications.

  • mtd For a Growing World

    • MTD Canada offers a complete line of outdoor power equipment including: mowers, tractors, chippers, shredders, string trimmers, edgers, tillers, log splitters, leaf blowers and snow blowers.


  • Slot Available

    • Slot available.

  • British Lawnmower Museum

    • The lawnmower was invented by Edwin Beard Budding in 1830. He was working in a cotton mill in Stroud, Gloucester, where he designed a machine to cut the knap off cloth. His revolutionary idea was to use it to cut grass!!. At the time people thought he was a lunatic to use such a contraption, so he tested the machine at night so no one could see him

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