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  • Halliburton

    • Leading the well-site services industry through the delivery of innovative technology, reservoir-specific expertise and outstanding service quality




  • Schlumberger

    • Trusted to deliver superior results and improved E&P performance for oil and gas companies around the world

  • Hawk Industries

    • When it comes to speciality drilling tools for the oil and gas industry, Hawk Industries wrote the book.

  • Al Ghaith UAE

    • AL GHAITH holds the agency for world renowned manufacturers and is backed-up by a team of experts

  • RDE Inc.

    • RDE furnishes the domestic and international oil and gas industry with a complete line of new and used workover and drilling packages that are ready to work as soon as they hit the field

  • National Oilwell Varco

    • Worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of comprehensive systems and components used in oil and gas drilling and production

  • Hydratight

    • Hydratight has provided world-class bolted joint solutions and machining services to the Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Industrial and Aero industries

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Oil rigs are made in a vast variety of shapes and sizes and have vast differences in capacity. Many oil rigs are connected to shore tanks by pipelines while others feed the output to FPSOs and many a time directly to shuttle tankers. Some oil rigs need to be shut down during the winter months as the seas can be too inhospitable. This specialised trade in the middle of the oceans need sophisticated machinery. suppliers of oil rig machinery are many and quite a few outsource the production to other companies or manufacture under license. Oil rigs are dangerous locations and many accidents are reported each year. Legal assistance is required for oil rig personnel. Many of oil riggers don't have insurance cover and need legal advice. The same is true when a casualty or loss is suffered on or near the home and you need legal assistance. Just as work recreation in office environment requires specialized knowledge, the legal landscape is different for an attorney handling a road or city limits case. You simply cannot afford to retain an attorney who is not familiar with the field.   This site to provide information about quality providers of oil drilling, oil rigs, directional drilling, drilling rigs. The information provided in this site is posted by submitters themselves.