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Medicine - Fertility - Vasectomy Reversal

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  • Because A Man May Change His Mind ..

    • Expert specialist in the field of male infertility and microsurgical vasectomy reversals for the past 20 years as well as being one of the pioneers in urological microsurgery. He has performed over 2000 vasectomy reversals in his Houston, Texas clinic.

  • Marin County Vasectomy Reversal

    • Specializes in male fertility solutions that go beyond traditional treatments. Dr. Spitz understands how vitally important it is for every man to become a father if he chooses to do so, and his life's work is dedicated to helping as many men as possible realize that dream.




  • Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory

    • For most genes, the regions of likely functional significance are either sequenced or scanned in a manner that detects virtually all mutations. Tests for heterozygous deletions and gene duplications are either available or under development.

  • Vasectomy Reversal Pheonix

    • 95% success rate for patients with less than ten years since the vasectomy, no epididymal blow out and motile sperm in the cut end of the vas deferens
    • 75% success rate for patients with more than 15 years since the vasectomy and no epididymal blow out
    • 75% success rate for patients with epididymal blow out
  •  Dr. Harry Fisch

    • One of the nation's vasectomy reversal leaders and the director of the Male Reproductive Center, is now conducting vasectomy reversals at the Medical University of South Carolina hospital. The advantage of this facility is that allows for a drastic reduction in the total cost to the vasectomy reversal for patients.

  • Legacy Male Health Institute

    • Currently, 98% of our clients who have a straight-forward vasectomy reversal (vasovasostomy) will have successful return of sperm to the ejaculate, and 65% will achieve pregnancy by natural means. This compares favorably with the 85% pregnancy rates of couples trying to get pregnant naturally.

  • Vasectomy Reversal

    • Vasectomy reversal is a surgery to undo a vasectomy. After successful vasectomy reversal, sperm are present in your semen again and you may be able to get your partner pregnant. A more complicated surgery than vasectomy, vasectomy reversal re-connects the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles into the semen.

  • International Center for Vasectomy Reversal

    • We are not trying to be everything to everyone. We do not do IVF too, nor do we want to do IVF. There are others who specialize in that. What we do is perform microsurgical multilayer vasectomy reversals using cutting-edge technology and only the best of the best in equipment, micro-sutures and micro-instruments.

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  • Male Reproductory Medicine & Surgery : slot available


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There are a number of vasectomy reversals in the USA and the figure is growing everyday. This is owing to numerous socio-economic factors. Most reversal clinics cater to and provide the most up to date information, resources and education on vasectomy reversal and offer a short after-surgery help line for the most successful vasectomy reversal experience possible. The Patient's Guide to Vasectomy Reversal has been written to assist men who want to restore their fertility through vasectomy reversal surgery.  When compared to the alternatives of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), vasectomy reversal is usually the preferred approach to dealing with male infertility. Both the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the American Urological Association agree with this statement. However, there are certain scenarios in which IVF or ICSI deliver more promising results. Before going in for a vasectomy or a vasectomy reversal, those who are looking for ways to reverse vasecotomies or have already had the procedure done should visit a counsellor or browse a discussion forum for places to discuss and have the recommendations made for doctors and treatments. There are many reasons to reverse a vasectomy like remarriage following a divorce or starting a family over after the loss of a wife or child. Regardless of the reason, there are now many advanced methods to restore fertility. How does one know the options that are right? One should arm oneself with the latest information. A patient can make informed decisions with his doctor.