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Telecommunications - Appliances - Mobile Phones

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  • A2Z Wireless

    • Leading e-tailer of unlocked GSM phones and accessories in Canada and the US offering a great selection at competitive prices complemented by exceptional customer service.




  • iMobile

    • Australian on-lineMobile Phone Magazine

  • 3G - Online Since 1999

    • As a web-only mobile phone store we specialise in keeping overheads low and offers high – we find our customers like it that way round.

  • dial to save

    • Brings you the best mobile phone deals from UK mobile phone retailers across the internet

  • LG - Canada

    • Enrich your life by making it more comfortable

  • Adam Phones

    •  Service is flexible, supportive and responsive. We are based in London, England

  • cell phones etc. - Canada

    • Here you can learn about and discuss cell phones and plans. Get side-by-side comparisons, read reviews, ask questions, share your opinion & more.

  • India-Cellular

    • Comprehensive information on Indian cellular phone industry

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Information about this category as posted by submitters

The world becomes 'smaller' with the large proliferation of communication media particularly in the form of mobile phones. Mobile phones standards are largely of CDMA or GSM formats and some service providers cater to both. The instrument itself comes in an ever increasing choice of models with a very confusing array of features. Technology is ever improving conforming to G3 and G4 standards. Numerous websites offer reviews of mobile phones and mobile phone service providers. Many providers give trendy handsets with long term commitments from prospective customers. Mobile phones can contain some hazardous substances especially the batteries and have to be disposed off properly. The mobile phone is a necessity nowadays. Single girls need to keep one when travelling as a safety precaution. Single girls or children should make a telephone call when getting into taxis or auto-rickshaws as a safety measure as the driver will know that his location has been recorded. This website provides links to the top 40 mobile phone suppliers.