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  • Apple iTunes

    • iTunes Store Top 10 Songs

  • Bradboard

    • Most of the songs on the chart are rock songs. This is not the Billboard Top 40




  • Every Hit

    • Website for fans of The British music scene from the beginning of the rock 'n' roll era right the way through to the present day

  • Take 40

    • Take 40 Australia® is the nation's first and longest running music countdown.
      The Take 40 brand encompasses radio, online, television and new media.

  • MP3 Music Downloads

    • MP3 compares and reviews cheap mp3 music download websites to bring you the best sites to buy mp3s at highest quality through legal music mp3 downloads sites. Get your favourite albums and tracks for just $0.05 a song from our archive of over 3 million mp3s. - Connecting The Top 40, A Directory Service.Browse through our extensive library of up-to-date mp3 downloads available to buy using either the search box or browsing by artist.
  • Top 40 - Charts

    • Create closer bonds in the music industry between companies, artists and music lovers

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Songs are the reflection of the soul. Songs are written in every language and cover almost every topic under the sun. The most common theme for songs are love and worship. Songs are party pep tools. Songs can be vocal with words or hummed. Songs can be accompanied by a single musical instrument or an entire orchestra. If music be the food of love, play on. The quality of music is dependant on the quality of the pick up and the quality of the speakers. The amplifiers by and large are equally good across the board. The technology for speakers is not universal and there are good and bad models with almost every manufacturer. Audio speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and cater to every budget. Not every speaker is suitable for every location. Acoustics of the location has to be carefully studied in order to come up with a plan for placement before purchasing. A number of sites provide information for care of the speakers which for most of the world is a once in a life time buy. The danger so driving the speakers too much from mis-matched amplifiers or by turning up the volume too high cannot be over emphasised. Accidental exposure to sudden loud burst of music can damage the ear drums permanently. Similarly, prolonged exposure to relatively loud volume music will result in partial loss of hearing.