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    • Leading developer of global industry standards in a broad-range of industries, including:
      • Power and Energy• Transportation
      • Biomedical and Healthcare• Nanotechnology
      • Information Technology • Information Assurance

  • CEN -European, Finding standards

    • Search Standards function allows you to search in the entire collection of published standards. You can search by English title, standard reference, document type, ICS, progress status and by committee

  • ASTM International

    • A trusted source for technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services.


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Need for standards to refer or go by? here are links to world standards of almost every country. industrial standards for land, off-shore, air and space are needed by designers and manufacuturers as well as ratifying bodies. Legal action is often necessary when standards are violated. The modern terminology for standards (as a thumbrule) is customer satisfaction. This lack familiarity experience with everyday events and law could prejudice the way your problems are handled.