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Benefits is a directory based service that connects the top 40 companies, their products or services with the millions of internet users.  These users, many a time,  are in search of a specific product or service with the intention to browse and purchase.  Please read our 'About Us' statement.

By submitting your company, product or service to the category-based pages of as an advertiser, you will get  visitors who have a high degree of interest because they have deliberately browsed their way to the page showing your submission, not chanced upon it. does not require the advertiser to place reverse links from their website pages to it.  We do not require such measures to come up in the indexing of the major search engines.  We achieve our search engine popularity by making our pages SEO & SEF, rich in pertinent content, yet concise and to the point.  Our pages are family friendly and inappropriate content is automatically and manually weeded out daily.  These features cost us quite a bit in resources but we feel they are important .

Many advertisers choose to post information about their company, product or service as narratives only (offer free/nominal charge).  Then again, there are others who place cycling banners or images or even a short video (add-ons) beside their narrative for a small hosting fee.  Purchasers of add-ons get a higher click count and this helps because submissions are displayed strictly in order of popularity (click count).

And here is the best part - Advertisers whose service or product is not available world-wide (example: Solicitors available for litigation cases in Canada, USA & Mexico only), may purchase selection of the countries served, at a nominal fee - selection of at least one country is mandatory.  Visitors who browse the Link40 pages can filter results country-wise.  Should an advertiser select 'world-wide', their submission(s) will be seen in all the pages regardless of the country filter used by the visitor.

Additional benefits - We have some options for those companies or firms that do not have a website.

  • They can still advertise their company, product or service on the relevant category pages but will need to purchase the 'Contact Details' slot to enable potential customers to contact them.

  • They can opt for the developers to build a 5-page or so, static web presence for them at a very nominal cost.  The cost is for one time development  or with annual maintenance which will allow them to change their narratives and images 12 times a year.

  • We can also host and maintain the web site created in option 2 on our servers, leaving all the 'hassle' to our developers.

For visitors, the benefits are equally good - visitors see data for companies, products or services that are segregated category-wise.  They see a small manageable cluster of advertisements with adequate space for a summary, describing the company, product or service and additional space for a visual display.  The visitor may choose to filter the results 'country-wise' from a drop down box to narrow down the search considerably.



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