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  • Jaipur Data Recovery

    • The most reputed data recovery provider for desktop and laptop hard disk drives,as well as all the devices which uses hard disks as storage media.We can also recover memory cards,Flash memory drives, pen drives and other several storage media.We also provide hard disk repair services in Jaipur and whole Rajasthan

  • The Data Hero

    • Here at The Data Hero we don't want to confuse you with technical terms or scary scenarios, we just want to get your data back. On this site you will find interesting facts and news about data recovery as well as fast friendly service.




  • Kroll Ontrack

    • Hard drive data recovery and file recovery involves more than just replacing parts. Ontrack Data Recovery engineers use cutting-edge recovery tools and proprietary processes to ensure the most successful outcome ‚€“ the result of continual investment in research and development as well as many years of experience.
  • Data Recovery Australia

    • Data Retriever is a small but well-equipped Australian data recovery lab. We‚€™ve been in full-time operation since 2007 and are specially-equipped to retrieve lost data from failed hard disk drives in computers, laptops and external and portable hard drives.

  • Cherry Systems Data Recovery

    • If We Can't If We Can't Recover It, Nobody Can! Serving corporations, IT professionals, small business, and consumers nationwide to save lost, deleted, overwritten, or corrupted files, and inaccessible data due to server & RAID failure, hard drive crash, data backup failure, fire, water, power surge, or other natural disaster and physical damage and failing media of all types.
    • In our 24th year, we continue our committment to delivering fast and reliable data recovery services for storage media used in virtually all computer systems, portable devices, and complex operating environments.

  • iCube Development

    • iCube Development data performs fast and affordable manufacturer level data recovery services for all types of desktop hard drives, notebook hard drives, external hard drives, USB sticks, flash drives, memory cards, and optical media.

  • The Ultimate Snoring Appliance

    • We pride ourselves in often being able to recover critical data that other service technicians and companies deemed unrecoverable. We understand that a server, running properly, is a crucial component in any business operation  We pay special attention to server and RAID recovery cases, making sure that your data gets restored as promptly as possible.


    • There is really no excuse for not knowing how to stop snoring as there is plenty of information available. It could be as simple as skipping the glass of milk you have before bed or trying a few different sleeping positions.

  • SalvageData Recovery

    • Our SalvageData Recovery for Windows NTFS / FAT product a powerful, yet easy to use and cost effective software tool for quick and easy data recovery from logical hard disk volume failures. Download & try our FREE demo to see if a software based logical recovery is the right solution for you.

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All your data lost due to an unexpected power surge damaging your hard disk.  Images, software and emails lost forever.  Well maybe not..  Contact any of the above hard disk recovery providers.  Remember to get a signed Non-disclosure agreement before you ship your damaged disk to anyone, particularly if you have very private or proprietary data.  Agree upon a time frame and return of disk method if unable to recover the data is required.