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Developed using Microsoft Excel with MS Access for data storage.

This software is provided on this forum by the owners / representatives of Sovereign Newzealand in good faith.  Any person or organisation involved in the download and / or use of the software and ensuing correspondence with the software vendor/author are required to respect the privacy of all other contributors, members, owners and affiliates of the domain and software.

If the user has a strict sense of propriety over the contents of the data and has not yet copyrighted the piece, he or she should refrain from posting until the product is protected by a patent or copyright.
All text and media on the site, once posted would belong to Sovereign Newzealand and no one may replicate the data in any form without express permission from the administrator of the site, domain or software. Sovereign Newzealand may, however, on occasion use data from the submissions in its news letters, articles or other publications, usually with a reference to submission page as appropriate.

It is common place throughout the internet, to find links pointing to Sovereign Newzealand. The public is reminded that Sovereign Newzealand cannot control the content on those sites nor the affixing or removal of the link to Sovereign Newzealand and therefore, cannot endorse nor reject the material posted on those sites.

Sovereign Newzealand does not collect funds (as in the case for advertisements) directly but by redirecting payment requests to secure gateways such as PayPal and therefore, does not access, collect nor store any bank or credit card details.

Sovereign Newzealand will continue to do everything in its power to secure the confidentiality of its member's data, including e-mail address(es). Members will always be able to unsubscribe to news letters or reminders, if any and will be able to flag whether or not they are willing to be contacted by third parties (such as entities wanting to discuss the post on a private level).
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